Медицина - действительно самая благородная из всех искусств. (Гиппократ)

Главное лекарство в медицине это доктор. (Энтони Кемпински)

«My future medical profession»

20 сентября преподаватель английского языка К.А. Курумбаева провела конкурс эссе на тему "My future medical profession". В конкурсе приняли участие студенты групп 1 - Фарм, 1 - Ф4, 1-Ф5, 1-5-9 СД, 2-1-9 СД, 2-3-9 СД. На конкурс было представлено 37 работ. Работы, представленные на конкурс, отличались по стилю и манере. Каждое эссе было уникальным и не было похоже на другие. Особо хочу отметить студента группы 2-3-9 СД Амана Мадину.



There are many interesting professions, doctor is one of them. It is a necessary and noble profession, that is why I want to be a doctor. To become a doctor I need to read a lot of specialized literature and to study hard, especially in biology and chemistry. This profession requires great responsibility because doctors deal with the most precious things people have their lives and their health. Doctors not only operate people and prescribe medicine, but they must also listen to their parents , check them up and sometimes make quick and important decisions . A doctor has to be a kind and attentive person, because if patients trust their doctor it is easier to work. Sometimes working day continues even after a doctor comes home from the hospital. Relatives, friends or neighbors often ask for medical advice, for example how to lower the kid's temperature. There are different types of doctors: cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, traumatologists and many others. My father is a surgeon, he works in a hospital. Sometimes I visit him at the hospital and watch him working. My father tells me a lot of stories about doctors and their profession . He is a much - respected man and I am happy that I have such a good example in my family, I will do my best to become a good doctor just like my father»